Who are the Grandfathers?

The question “Who are the Grandfathers?” or “What are the Grandfathers?” has been asked so many times by so many folk at venues across the Country and indeed even abroad. There is no standard answer to these questions as an accurate definition has evaded everyone for a long time.

It is easier to say what we are NOT.
We are NOT a Motorcycle Club ( M.C.)
We are NOT a Motor Cycle Club ( M.c.c.)
We do NOT have any clubhouses, charters, collective business interests nor territorial aspirations.
We do NOT have committee members, meetings or political leanings to any other organisation of any kind, be it Biker, straight or otherwise.
We have been described as “a loose affiliation of friends with a common interest”, which pretty much covers it.

The concept was born from an idea that came to light at a Bike Show sometime in 1990, as a trader I came into contact with many folk who had attended a show on their own, not being “Club” minded with all that is entailed in such membership. Why not bring these folk together so they can recognise each other and at least have a pal to have a drink with at events? The idea took off and the Grandfathers Fraternity was launched, by common usage the fraternity being dropped in time, leaving the title Grandfathers.

If we have a common interest, apart from our love of bikes, then it has to be belonging to a wide circle of friends who treat each other as one would wish to be treated, with honesty, honour, loyalty and respect but in a light hearted and laid back way with a smattering of good manners.

Who can become a Grandfather?
Well, almost anybody who subscribes to those values and maintains them.

How do you become a Grandfather?
In the first instant, just say “Hi” to anyone wearing our Badge, and say you have visited this site, have a chat and see where it leads you.

Good Luck, Ride Safe and Free.

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